About Us

The Story
Hartmanns Oslo AS was founded in January 2016, but the journey started in the year 1910. That is when my father was born. He told stories about the early 30´s when he worked in a shoe factory. That really fascinated me. "A pair of great looking quality shoes has never hurt nobody" my father always said.

After the war my father learned the skill of playing guitar. Hartmanns´s Orchestra became a big attraction at the grand ballrooms in Oslo during the swinging 50´s. Hartmanns Orchestra got known for their sound, their style and their flair.

My fathers style icons were people like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Gene Kelly. He always strived to look he's best, and told me many times the importance of investing in yourself. He also taught me that investing in yourself means a lot more than just the clothes we are wearing.

When I was 12 years old I remember vividly that he showed me all his blazer, dresses and shirts, and how to hang them accordingly by color and fabric. I thought it was really cool.

I started in the apparel business in 1995, and I knew that I had found my platform. My father was my hero and my mentor, but most of all a great dad. 

I am proud that my company bears his family name.
Hartmanns Oslo AS is a Norwegian distributor and agency company for the Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle market.  A great team with high goals and expertise.
We represent fashion, sport and lifestyle brands that are carefully selected.